Text To Screen Software and Services
Perfect for outdoor events, pubs, clubs, concerts and media. No software to install.
We are specialists in providing Text to screen services from DJ's to Corporate Events.
Moderated or automated. We make it easy for you. Web based - no software to install.

Text to screen service - no software to install

Textvertising is an industry specialist in text to screen supporting corporate events, in house media, clubs, pubs and DJ's.

Our expertise and support means we now provide our services to 3 of the UK's largest insurance companies for in house events. In fact our services have featured in many large scale outdoor events such as Edinburgh's Hogmanay New Year concert.

Perfect for outdoor events, pubs, clubs and corporate events.

Our Text to screen service is completely software free requiring nothing to be installed and simply runs in a browser on any PC or laptop which features an SVHS/HDMI out or additional monitor port.

Text to screen for corporate events.

The system has been used extensively by many large companies in the UK at corporate events such as in house open discussions.

The most popular use is to allow people in the crowd to text questions which can be sent to giant screens alongside or behind the speaker.

The questions can be sent directly or can be moderated by a third party - even remotely - through an iPad, mobile or PC in real time.

Text to screen for pubs and clubs.

The other popular use is in a pub/club environment where customers can interact with the screens - usually to send birthday wishes, banter with or embarrass their friends.

Run your service at standard rate or generate a revenue for each text received.

Depending on your requirements you can provide the service to end users at either standard rate (same as texting another mobile) or at a premium cost per text of between 25p and £4.50

How does it work?

You have a choice of either an automated or manual system.

Automated System.

With the automated system, you do not need to do anything and simply run the service directly to your screens. All incoming messages are displayed. However, we can add filtering if required.

Manual System.

With the manual system, all incoming messages are directed to an Admin Panel that the Service Administrator can operate (locally or remotely). Each message can be approved for display or denied and removed. Banned words and phrases can be added to aid automatic filtering at busy times. Its an easy system to use with a simple one click operation.

The Administrator can also add their own "virtual" messages to get the conversations started, plus add up to 6 marketing messages that display throughout the use of the service that can be changed on the fly.

Each message remains on the screen for approximately 12 seconds. It is possible to repeat messages where required and repeated messages will re-appear randomly when no new messages have been received.

The background can be changed, so too can colours, fonts and margins to ensure it fits your screens perfectly.

Bespoke Services.

We find it rare that any two services are alike and can provide many pre-made templates and service alterations to suit. We can also bespoke a service with 48 hours notice.

Everything can be changed to suit your requirements and there has not yet been an occasion where we have been unable to accommodate a clients wishes and are confident it will look and function in line with your requirements.

Equipment required.

Broadband connection, Wi-Fi or USB GPRS dongle at the venue or event, Google Chrome Browser on a PC or Laptop located at the venue with Video Out or a USB to Video converter to connect to the screen to display the messages.

If you want to moderate the messages remotely from the computer connected to the screen, you will need a PC, laptop, Mobile device/iPad with internet and browser with connectivity to the internet.

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