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Send and receive SMS online

Send SMS easily to large groups of people. Upload your numbers or store them in your online phonebook.

Add attachments, create short urls, personalise and even receive replies.

Sending & receive SMS online

Shortcodes / opt in numbers

Easily allow people to opt in using a choice of either a 5 digit shortcode or virtual mobile number.

Send automated replies, receive email alerts and more.

5 digit shortcodes

Text based competitions

ABC style Text competitions, text raffles and more for free or charged.

Instant reporting and control everything from start and end times and even how many entries are allowed.

Text competitions

Mobile Billing

Generate revenue quickly and easily using SMS with a choice of rates from 25p to £4.50.

We'll guide you through everything from compliance to deployment.

Mobile Billing

Text to Screen

From clubs to corporate events we have a solution with both managed and standalone services.

We've worked with DJ's and clubs right through to companies like RBS and LV.

Text to screen

SMS Conversation

Our standalone service is used by call centres across the UK for 2 way text with clients.

Multiple users, admin control plus the option to route calls to our IVR.

SMS Conversation

Developer API

If you need to send/receive SMS via your own platform, we offer both secure HTTP and SMPP gateways.

Supporting batched messaging, you can submit upto 8000 SMS/sec.

SMS Gateway API

SIM Hosting

We can supply/host SIM cards for calling out via VOIP and/or receiving SMS.

Our in house PBX can also answer your calls, play recorded messages and route to mobiles/offices via VOIP.

SIM Hosting

Virtual PBX with IVR

We can connect your office with our virtual PBX phone system to answer your calls, play messages and route calls.

Landline and mobile numbers available. Route to offices or mobiles by VOIP.


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*The 1.95p rate is an introductory rate and available to new customers only. New customers must purchase 1000 messages to qualify and use the messages within 7 days of purchase.
All other purchases are at our standard pricing tariff.