SIM Hosting
Textvertising can host SIM cards for 2 way messaging, routing call via VOIP and IVR services
Over 400 companies trust Textvertising to host SIM cards.
Online two way SMS, IVR forwarding and your own inbound number.

SIM Hosting - trust the experts.

If you need somewhere to host your business SIM cards giving you a dedicated inbound number, Textvertising can help.

Unlimited SIM Hosting

Our platform can accommodate any number of SIM cards and each can be routed and configured seperately. SMS received on your SIMS can be routed to your account, stored and downloaded later and if required forwarded instantly to email addresses within your company. Personalised replies to incoming messages can also be set providing the end user with a seamless, professional experience.

Calls to your SIM can be answered by your staff

If you take advantage of our IVR software end users can be presented with a menu to allow them to select what they would like to hear more about or choose which department to be connected to. We can route calls received on your SIM number to SIP enable phones and virtual extensions on your network - including mobiles using free SIP software available from the app/play store such as CSip.

Sending Texts from your SIM

All our messages are routed via our direct network connection but if you wish to send individual messages to single users - such as via our SMS Conversation platform - we can easily set your SIM up to send messages too up to the allowance of included messages.

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