With our Developer API you can send SMS from your own applications via HTTP or SMPP
Send SMS via our API using HTTP and SMPP.  Simple to set up and use.
Send up to 8000 SMS/Sec via our secure HTTPS connection.
SMS enable your applications in just a few minutes.

SMS Gateway/SMS API - connect today for free.

Textvertising provide an SMS Gateway to allow you to send and received SMS between our platform and yours.


Simply send the required name/value pairs using GET or POST and your SMS message will be delivered to the networks.

For end user who send out the same message to many end users (such as bulk SMS marketing) our system can accept posts containing many numbers - equivalently handling 5000-8000 SMS/Sec.


We offer an enetrprise level Tier 1 SMPP SMSC. We can also provide you with a dedicated Account Manager. Call us for information about sending SMS over SMPP via our SMSC.

Receive SMS via virtual number, SIM number or 5 digit shortcode

Messages received to our system via virtual mobile numbers, SIM numbers or 5 digit shortcodes can be routed to your application via HTTP. Your system simply needs to accept the name/value pairs we send

Main Features

  • Send SMS to end users via our Tier 1 UK route.
  • Set your own "from" name or number and brand your message.
  • Support for up to 612 character messages.
  • Full handset delivery reports.
  • No tie ins or commitments - simply pay-as-you go from just 2p/SMS*

Thinking of switching from another provider? It's REALLLY easy!

No problem. SMPP is straightforward, but if you use HTTP we recognose that it can be more tricky.

Well we're ahead on that one. We also provide emulated gateways for many of the UK's alternative SMS providers! This make switching to Textvertising or simply using us as a backup route easier than ever!

This means you don't need to change any of your code, just change the address you HTTP post to. All the parameters you currently use to post will be the same and the result you receive from our gateway will be identical to what you already expect. In fact, if you also expect delivery reports to be posted back to you, these too will be in an identical format.

You could be up and running and saving money in less that a minute so simply get in touch and we'll provide all the information you need.

Security is import. What you should be aware of!

It is important to be aware that although there may be cheaper alternatives, ensure that whoever you choose, you choose somebody with a direct connection (Tier 1) route.

Although this may not seem important - as most only consider price as important - messages and numbers you submit to your chosen provider may not always be routed via a direct connection. This means that your messages and numbers could be sent through other third party providers - especially ones in other countries - to save money. The consequence is that any one of these could be collecing your information to sell as marketing data without your knowledge. It's your data so you must decide if it's worth the risk over fractions of a penny. You may find you are breaching data protection rules by not handling and processing your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Textvertising is a TIER 1 DIRECT ROUTE so information you submit to us is sent directly to the UK operators. What's more, you know you're in safe hands because we are also registered with the ICO (Information Commisioners Office) for your data protection and peace of mind. We have to abide by strict rules in how we handle your data and we are recognised as a leading, trusted provider for this reason - your data is safe.

Browse the documentation

As a developer you probably just want to get started so why not download our documentation on how to get up and running. If you are sending Premium Rate SMS, please contact us for the Premium Rate API documentation.


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*The 2p rate is an introductory rate and available to new customers only. New customers must purchase 1000 messages to qualify and use the messages within 7 days of purchase.
All other purchases are at our standard pricing tariff.