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Texting a keyword to a shortcode.

Shared 5 digit shortcodes (otherwise called Shared 5 digit text numbers) are short, easy to remember and great for TV marketing providing end users with the ability to respond to adverts by text/SMS.

Shared shortcodes require the end user text a "keyword". This word must always be the first word in the message received and enables our platform to recognise which account the message belongs to.

Listen to the demonstration of a radio advert using a 5 digit shortcode

Please note that any advert demonstration may no longer be live and are provided for demonstration purposes only.

Get started with a free 5 digit text number/shortcode.

If you would like a shortcode to use, we can provide both a free 5 digit text number or a pay-as-you go option where you can choose your own keyword.

The free option is available to every account and once activated, you will be issued with a keyword from our keyword pool which end users can text. If you want to choose the keyword (like BUILDER or PPI), then our plans start from £25+vat setup and £25+vat per month.

You will be relieved to know that our shortcode service is simply a month to month service. You can decide on 1, 3, 6 or 12 months use of your keyword - or just renew every month. Simply setup your new service online in just a few minutes. If you choose to pay for a chosen keyword, the longer the period you choose the cheaper it becomes - and you can cancel at any time.

We're one of the longest established SMS and shortcode providers. We've offered reliable and affordable options for businesses since 2003.

How it works.

On receiving a message the platform can be configured to do the following:

  • Send the message content received as an email to you and/or multiple recipients.
  • Store the message and number received in your admin panel.
  • Respond the the end user with an automated message you can configure.
  • Store the number into a group within your online "phonebook".
  • Treat the number as an opt-in to a marketing database.

By default, our shortcodes cost the standard network rate to text to - the cheapest option available to the end user.

Additional options - Competitions, voting services and Premium Billing.

We also provide comprehensive text voting and text competitions. End users can participate by texting one of our shortcode numbers to take part.

If you are also considering charging end users for their text, we can activate premium billing on a number of amounts between 25p & £4.50.

Premium rate services require activation after registering with PhonePayPlus as an operator.

Read more about text competions and text voting. You can also read more about compliance and regulations.

If you don't intend to charge end users, you do not need to register with PhonePayPlus as an operator.

Answer 5 simple questions and we'll tell you what shortcode you need.

Q 1/5 - Do you want to advertise a shortcode in TV/radio/media marketing?

Please note: Answering Yes or No does not affect price. This is purely to advise on the type of shortcode we offer.


The most popular option is "Shared 2" and is shown above.

"Shared 2" gives you the ability to choose your own keyword that end users can text to the shortcode number. With this option all texts received can be stored in your admin panel and downloaded and/or sent to you or additional colleagues as an an email.

If you are also considering operating a premium rate service - such as when running competitions or voting services - then only Shared 2 or Dedicated are applicable.

If you simply require a shortcode, and want to use a generic keyword (such as AB12) we have a free option available called "Shared 1".

If you are a corporate company requiring a shortcode number that runs alongside your brand (for example where the shortcode number was the same as the last 5 digits of your phone number) or want to offer bespoke high profile services then we suggest you choose the dedicated option.

Popular questions about shortcodes:

  • Q: I've seen shotcodes on TV and heard them on the radio. Is this the same?
    Yes exactly the same. All the services we provide are equivalent to those you will be familiar with.
  • Q: How much does it cost to text a shortcode?
    It costs 1 standard message. A standard message is whatever the end user pays for a message with their mobile provider. This is typically 5p-10p.
  • Q: Can I choose the shortcode number?
    We have 5 shortcodes to choose from and each one is available for different services.
  • Q: Can I have a shortcode that costs nothing for the end user to text?
    Yes, but these are dedicated shortcodes only. However, since you would bear the cost of each message received, not the end user for sending, these types of codes can become expensive as end users send messages to wrong codes or text wrong keywords to numbers and retry. As you bear the costs for ALL traffic, most companies decide that this is not practical as costs can escalate and outweigh the benefit of the service.
  • Q: I have heard all shortcode numbers charge you a lot of money. Is this true?
    This is mostly not true. Texting most shortcodes are at standard rate so costs are determined by how many times you text it. However some companies may charge you for receiving messages - such as ringtones, horoscopes etc. Costs for these can mount up and is usually due to end users not understanding the charges or adverts that were misleading.
  • Q: Do I have to charge the end user a premium rate?
    No. As covered before our shortcodes are at standard rate. If you wish to use premium rate you can, but there are strict guidelines to protect end users and we guide you with this before services go live.
  • Q: Can I have my own number exclusive to our company?
    Yes. Please visit the page about a dedicated shortcode

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