Text message based raffles.
Operate your own text message raffles - and generate revenue.
Getting started with your text message competition is easier than you think.
Operate free to the end user or charge 25p - £4.50 per message.

Text Message Raffles. - get started today

Textvertising offer an online service to create and operate a totally text message based raffle service. With this unique service you can sell raffle tickets using SMS.

Whether you want to run the service alongside an existing raffle or standalone our service provides an easy way to sell raffle tickets using SMS. You can either charge a standard rate charge or premium rate to the end user.

Example of a typical text message raffle response.

Thankyou. Your raffle ticket number is 1056 and your unique ticket number is HK15TY.
For more information visit www.yourwebsite.com

We make it easy.

With normal raffle tickets, you buy a ticket and each one is coloured and number uniquely. however, each raffle ticket includes a unique code.

Our service works the same way. The end user sends a text message to request a raffle ticket. An SMS is received which contains their unique raffle ticket number and also a unique ticket identifier which allows only one person to make a claim.

Make it standard rate or charge between 25p & £4.50 per raffle ticket.

You have the choice to offer the service to end users at standard rate or at premium rate.

If you would like to charge end users who participate, Textvertising offer rates between 25p and  4.50 to fit in with your requirements.

Data capture.

The raffle service also captures the mobile number of each end user that buys a ticket. These are stored within your account and at any time you can send a message to any or all of your participants in the future.

This is particularly useful where you decide to run another raffle and wish to invite the end user to find out more about it and join in if they wish or to invite them to an event you may be organising.


The regulations for premium rate services from The Phone Paid Services Authority changed significantly from January 2017. The mobile networks have also introduced multiple new independant regulations as to how services can be operated on each of their networks.

Therefore from September 1st 2018 we will no longer be offering premium rate services.

What other competition services do we offer?

We also offer Text message competitions, Lowest unique bid and Text voting


Compliance and Advice

Please note: Premium rate providers can only activate premium rate services (where end users are charged for interactions) to users registered with The Phone Paid Services authority, the premium rate regulatory body. There is a strict code of conduct surrounding the operation of premium services that user must adhere too. For most users and those who generate less than £10,000 per annum, registration is free.

For more information, please visit our premium text compliance page for further reading and details about registering yourself or your business as a premium rate operator.

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