Charity donation by SMS
Receive donations to your Charity by SMS easily
Accept donations by sending a text message to a charity shortcode.
Every charity is looking at new ways to accept donations. Now its never been easier.

Receiving donations by SMS - We've got a few options for you!


From September 1st 2018 we will no longer be offering charity services.

If you are looking to raise money for charity by SMS we've got a few options for you.

These depend on whether you are looking at the service as a charity or on behalf of a charity.

The shortcode number that charities can use usually start with a 7. We have 3 charity codes - 70017, 70027 and 70037 with donation amounts of £1, £3 or £5.

Multiple amounts can be configured providing the end user with the freedom to choose how much to donate. For example texting "CHARITYNAME 3" could donate £3.00.

The platform also collects the mobile numbers of end users who donate and stores them within your online phonebook. You can also send messages to people who donate at a later date to let them know of other ways to donate or perhaps to let them know about an event or latest news.

You can also personalise each automated "thank you" reply message that end users receive back after making a donation. This can be simply to thank them, but can also include more information about causes or a link to resources or a website for example. When you advertise your service, people who donate must be clear on where there money will be used.

Option 1 » I/We are a charity.

To qualify you must be a registered UK charity and you must be clear on the cause for the service. An example cause could be training dogs for blind persons, providing funding to supply charging stations for disabled scooters or providing clean water for people in a foreign country.

Charity shortcodes allow you to receive 100% of the amount donated. We also allow the end user to complete a gift aid form on their mobile which entitles you to an additional 25%. Our fees are taken only from any gift aid and are capped at a monthly amount. Typically the charges for a month are a maximum of £25. But, if your service is not being used or nobody donates, you don't pay anything.

To setup your keyword, a text number to receive donations and register a service, it will cost a one off fee of £35+vat per UK network operator. As there are 5 UK network operators the cost would be £175+vat.

Option 2 » I/We are acting on behalf of a charity.

This option is for agents or persons/businesses making collections on behalf of a UK charity.

As an agent or a person/business making collections on behalf of a charity you cannot use a charity shortcode - only the charity can do this.

However, we do have shortcodes in place that allow you to still generate revenue for your chosen charities easily, although the costings and the way the service must be advertised are different.

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