Premium Rate Compliance.
All operators of premium services must adhere to a code of conduct.
Premium Rate Compliance is an industry must. We're here to help.
If your service charges end users, you must adhere to a strict code of practice.

Premium Rate Compliance - what you need to know.

The Phone Paid Services Authority Compliance.

All providers of premium rate services (any service that charges the end users for interaction) is regulated by a governing body called The Phone Paid Services Authority

There are a number of things you should know before you begin with premium rate services.

  • Anyone who provides a premium rate service must abide by their code of practice.
  • If you manage your own service and have significant control over it you must register as a level 2 operator.
  • You will need a manned customer helpline number between 9am and 5pm and it must be a geographic number or free from mobiles.
  • If your annual income exceed £10000 per annum you will be required to also pay a yearly fee to PPP.
  • Textvertising will help you make sure any service you provide complies before you begin marketing it and "go live".
  • If your service is quite unique we will liaise with The Phone Paid Services Authority on your behalf to ensure your service complies.

New regulations from the mobile operators.

In addition to the The Phone Paid Services Authority requirements on compliance the networks have introduced significant changes as to what they will and will not allow to operate on their platform.

If you intend to advertise ANYWHERE online - Social media, website, email etc you will normally find you cannot use the traditional premium SMS route but need a 'PayForIt' system instead. Textvertising do not offer PayForIt. See http://www.payforit.org for further reading.

Further advice.

We can offer advice and setup and host a compliant service for you. Due to many changes in regulations our advice is no longer free. We now charge a £250+VAT fee to provide advice, get your service compliant and set it up.

To find out more, visit https://psauthority.org.uk for further reading and to register as an operator.

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