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Every account comes standard with the following for FREE:

  • Web platform to send and receive SMS
  • Developer API add on
  • virtual mobile number to receive SMS
  • Shared 5 digit shortcode with allocated keyword - free upgrade

Service Prices

Service Setup fee Monthly Fee
Web platform to send and receive SMS (included with free account) FREE FREE
Developer API (included with free account) FREE FREE
SMS Conversation with dedicated hosted SIM £199 £35
SMS Competitions (including shared shortcode) £199 £35
SMS Voting (including shared shortcode) £199 £35

Inbound SMS, Hosted SIM and IVR Prices

Option Other Fees Monthly Fee
Shared virtual mobile number (included with free account) FREE FREE
Shared 5 digit shortcode (choose your keyword) £99 (quarterly fee) £35
Dedicated virtual mobile number £50 setup £25
SIM hosting £149 setup £35
IVR routing from Hosted SIM £149 setup £35
Dedicated 5 digit shortcode £1,500 setup £925

SMS Prices

We only use Tier 1 routes for sending SMS. This gives you the option of a dynamic "from" name/number, full handset delivery reports and consistent, near instant, message delivery. Messages are sent over a secure UK route direct to the network for data security.

We guarantee to price match any other Tier 1 provider. Call us with your quote.

Message Quantity Per SMS Total
100 SMS5.2p£5.20
101 - 500 SMS4.8p£24.00
501 - 2000 SMS4.4p£88.00
2001 - 5000 SMS4p£200.00
5001 - 10000 SMS3.7p£370.00
10001 - 50000 SMS3.6p£1,800.00
50001 - 100000 SMS3.4p£3,400.00
100001 - 250000 SMS3.3p£8,250.00

Shop around carefully! All our messages are routed direct to the network. Cheaper routes bypass the direct routing fees of a secure Tier 1 route by sending your messages via multiple foreign SMS gateways first. The SMS gateways en-route can intercept your numbers and sensitive data and easily sell it on. The privacy policy of the SMS company you choose only covers their use of the data, not once messages are in transit. You'll notice this by the lack of 'Tier 1 connection' in their information.

We're trusted by partners such as The NHS, Experian, RBS, LV and many more. Remember, it's your responsibility to protect your customers data so choose wisely. If you are concerned about data protection and your customers privacy, choose a direct Tier 1 provider like ourselves.

Pricing is a guide based on the bands shown. You can buy the exact quantity you need, based on the minimum levels below.

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