Our 82055 short code text number
Great for marketing. Easy to remember 5 digit number. Receive messages as email. Download reports.
Text to 82055. Perfect for TV/radio campaigns. Grab your free keyword today!
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Text to 82055! You're opt-in partner.

Our 5 digit shortcode 82055 (5 digit text number) is perfect for TV and radio marketing and digital media.

Listen to the demonstration of a radio advert using our 82055 shortcode

Please note that any advert demonstration may no longer be live and are provided for demonstration purposes only.

You can use our 82055 shortcode for free.

Textvertising offer a low cost way to set up your own keyword on a shortcode/5 digit text number.

We offer a range of pre-allocated keywords. and are one of a handful of UK providers to offer this service, especially to companies and individuals who need a free 5 digit text number.

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Choose your own keyword for less than £25 per month.

If you wish to personalise your marketing, you can choose your own keyword on our 82055 text number. One month costs just £25 but the amound reduces if you need it for longer.

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