Dedicated 5 Digit Shortode/Text Numbers
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Dedicated 5 digit shortcode numbers. Perfect for TV/radio campaigns and branding.
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Dedicated 5 digit shortcodes/text numbers - we'll get you started.

Texting a keyword to a shortcode.

Dedicated 5 digit shortcodes (otherwise called Dedicated 5 digit text numbers) are shortcode numbers that are used only by business and can be built into your branding

Shortcodes are short, easy to remember and great for TV marketing providing end users with the ability to respond to adverts by text/SMS and unlike shared codes do not require the use of a "keyword" at the start of a message.

Listen to the demonstration of a radio advert using a 5 digit shortcode

Please note that any advert demonstration may no longer be live and are provided for demonstration purposes only.

Get started with a dedicated shortcode.

Dedicated shortcodes are £625+vat setup and £625+vat per month.

Do you DEFINATELY need a dedicated shortcode?

Some companies do not need a dedicated shortcode and if you only need a shortcode for an advertising campaign or a short service, a shared 5 digit shortcode is much cheaper and a better alternative. Because the shortcode is shared, we bear the cost of the code and you simply "rent" keywords on the code from £25+vat per month.

How it works.

On receiving a message the platform can be configured to do the following:

  • Send the message content received as an email to you and/or multiple recipients.
  • Store the message and number received in your admin panel.
  • Respond the the end user with an automated message you can configure.
  • Store the number into a group within your online "phonebook".
  • Treat the number as an opt-in to a marketing database.

By default, dedicated shortcodes cost the standard network rate to text to - the cheapest option available to the end user.

Answer 5 simple questions and we'll tell you what shortcode you need.

Q 1/5 - Do you want to advertise a shortcode in TV/radio/media marketing?

Please note: Answering Yes or No does not affect price. This is purely to advise on the type of shortcode we offer.


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