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5 digit shortcodes/5 digit text numbers - we've a choice of numbers.

5 digit shortcodes (otherwise called 5 digit text numbers) are great for TV marketing and responding to adverts as they are short and easy to remember. Shortcodes are used in a variety of ways and we have outlined the main differences and useage below.

Answer 5 simple questions and we'll tell you what shortcode you need.

Q 1/5 - Do you want to advertise a shortcode in TV/radio/media marketing?

Please note: Answering Yes or No does not affect price. This is purely to advise on the type of shortcode we offer.


Listen to the demonstration of a radio advert using a 5 digit shortcode

Please note that any advert demonstration may no longer be live and are provided for demonstration purposes only.

Low cost and Free 5 digit text numbers/shortcode numbers

Textvertising offer a low cost way to set up your own keyword on a shortcode/5 digit text number.

If you are happy to choose from a range of pre-allocated keywords we can offer you a free 5 digit text number. We are really pleased to be one of the first UK providers to offer this service, especially to companies and individuals who need a free 5 digit text number where advertising budgets are tight.

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Shared or dedicated shortcode- which is right for you?

There are two types of shortcode number - shared or dedicated shortcodes.

The Shared shortcode option

A shared shortocde is a shortcode number which multiple users share. The system is told which user/account the message is for by detecting a keyword that should always be the first word in the message received. Shared shortcodes are popular because it is cost effective to simply "rent" keywords from a provider (ie us) who bears the cost of the actual codes.

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The Dedicated shortcode option

A dedicated shortocde is a shortcode number which only you have access to. The system will treat every message received on the code as yours. Dedicated codes are usually taken by providers like ourselves to be able to share keywords (as above), by specialist SMS companies who offer exclusive services (such as horoscopes, one to one chat etc) or by companies who wish to have their own number to associate with their brand.

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Premium Text

All shortcodes come with or without the option of charging end users a premium. You will probably have seen text competitions and text voting services which charge perhaps £1 per entry. With the majority of shortcodes (MT) type, the end user is charged only when receiving a message back from the shortcode number. Texting to it is normally at standard text rate. All our shared shortcodes can have billing switched on or off.

The most popular option is "Shared 2" and is shown above.

"Shared 2" gives you the ability to choose your own keyword that end users can text to the shortcode number. With this option all texts received can be stored in your admin panel and downloaded and/or sent to you or additional colleagues as an an email.

If you are also considering operating a premium rate service - such as when running competitions or voting services - then only Shared 2 or Dedicated are applicable.

If you simply require a shortcode, and want to use a generic keyword (such as AB12) we have a free option available called "Shared 1".

If you are a corporate company requiring a shortcode number that runs alongside your brand (for exampe where the shortcode number was the same as the last 5 digits of your phone number) or want to offer bespoke high profile services then we suggest you choose the dedicated option.

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