Text message based competitions.
Operate your own text message competitions and/or generate revenue.
Getting started with your text message competition is easier than you think.
Operate free to the end user or charge 25p - £4.50 per message.

Text Message Competitions. - get started today

Textvertising are one of the market leaders in supplying text message competition services. Nothing to install, everything is web based.

With Textvertising you can create and operate your own "ABC" style competitions. With easy to configure options you can quickly create and deploy a text message competition with defined start and end times, costs per entry, entry limits and more.

Example of a typical ABC competition.

What is the capital of England? A: London, B: Paris, C: New York?
Text A, B or C to XXXXX for your chance to win!
Entries cost £1.00 + 1msg at std rate.

16+ only. Bill payers permission required. Competition closes at XXXX on XXXX. You can also enter for free by sending your answer, name and contact information to XXX. Entries limited to 10 per person. Customer helpline 012345678890

We make it easy.

Once your competition is over, you can quickly see results and generate reports - even pick a random winner from the correct entries.

You can also run up to 3 text message competitions simultaneously from within your account if required - which is plenty for the average user and allows text competitions to cross over easily.

Make it standard rate or charge between 25p & £4.50 per entry.

You have the choice to offer the service to end users at standard rate or at premium rate.

If you would like to charge end users who participate, Textvertising offer rates between 25p and £4.50 and these can be used simultaneously across different competitions to generate revenue from your text competition.

Data capture.

The service also captures the mobile number of each end user that participates. These are stored within your account and at any time you can send a message to any or all of your participants in the future.

This is particularly useful where you decide to run another competition and wish to invite the end user to find out more about it and join in if they wish.

Reply message personalisation.

Everytime someone takes part, an automated reply message is sent back to them. Although you can turn the feature off, if you wish to use premium rate the reply message being delivered back forms part of the billing mechanism.

Each reply message can be personalised with your own message. This can be simply a Thank You, but could also include a link to a website or other information quite easily.

What service works best and what can you earn?

We decided to include this as this is the most commonly asked question.

Everybody has their own idea of the best prize and marketing plans. However, a competition with a prize of a spa weekend advertised in Mechanics Weekly isn't probably going to generate much interest.

You need to think carefully about not only where you place your advert to give the best exposure but the "perceived price" of the prize. 25p per entry will generate a lot more entries than £1.50 per entry. If however, the aim of your competition isn't about the money but more about data capture, then consider the lower amount.

We also recommend doing the research. See what sort of competitions are running in magazines and media, what the prize is and the cost per entry. If these competitions appear regularly across multiple issues, they maybe a good bet.

The bigger the prize and the higher the profile of the marketing, the more successful it will be. The rest is up to you - but we can provide whatever you need.


The regulations for premium rate services from The Phone Paid Services Authority changed significantly from January 2017. The mobile networks have also introduced multiple new independant regulations as to how services can be operated on each of their networks.

Therefore from September 1st 2018 we will no longer be offering premium rate services.

What other competition services do we offer?

We also offer Text message raffles, Lowest unique bid and Text voting


Compliance and Advice

Please note: Premium rate providers can only activate premium rate services (where end users are charged for interactions) to users registered with The Phone Paid Services authority, the premium rate regulatory body. There is a strict code of conduct surrounding the operation of premium services that user must adhere too. For most users and those who generate less than £10,000 per annum, registration is free.

For more information, please visit our premium text compliance page for further reading and details about registering yourself or your business as a premium rate operator.

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