PBX platform with IVR
IVR platform to answer calls and route them over VOIP to SIP phones/extensions.
Our virtual PBX systems can be shared or standalone. Configure your own virtual IVR!
Calls to your number can be routed via VOIP - including mobiles running free SIP software. Texts received go straight to your Admin Panel inbox!

Virtual IVR systems - trust the experts.

Try the service for free. Call our automated IVR on 07982 027 310

Mobile running free "CSip" application.

How it works - VOIP, PBX & IVR.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) is the ability to make and receive calls via your network (intranet or broadband) rather than via your normal telephone system saving you money. Skype is a good example of VOIP.

To use VOIP requires one of two things - a desktop phone which supports VOIP (such as Panasonic KX models - available for around £20) or a mobile phone running freely available VOIP software such as CSip or Zoiper.

Textvertising host a enterprise grade virtual PBX system (a PBX is a Private Branch Exchange - a phone exchange designed for business and offices) that routes calls via Broadband.

To register a phone on our PBX is simple too. You only need to enter a domain, username and password (which we supply) and you are instantly connected. We provide each phone that connects with its own virtual extension number so each phone can be called from the other. You can have an office with many phones and extensions up and running in a matter of minutes - even using just mobiles if preferred!

The system works best on broadband. Mobiles can still make and receive calls on 3g and 4g networks but you may aquire data charges from your provider. However, mobiles can be configured to not connect when not on wi-fi and instead route calls to another extension or record a message.

However, since you can connect using your mobile via 3g, 4g or broadband, you can make and receive calls - even at home - as if you were sat in the office. Call transferring etc functions exactly the same. It's like you are taking your work extension with you!

We can provide your number(s)

We offer vitrtual landline numbers (01 or 02), non geographic numbers (03 or 08) or mobile numbers (07). And there are tens of thousand to choose from. Once your number is chosen, it is mapped to our PBX Phone system and calls made to it are routed directly to your devices.

Interactive IVR is included

An IVR is a system that reads messages over the phone and allows end users to interact by voice or by pressing keys. Our complete IVR solution can intercept calls made and read recorded messages to users before they are connected, allowing them to choose from various options to route the call to the correct person or department. If you want your business to instantly sound professional, our IVR is a perfect addition.

Virtual mobile or landline numbers - receive calls and texts

Unlike 'real' numbers we supply 'virtual' numbers - both landline and mobile. These numbers look and function identically to real numbers but route calls via VOIP to other VOIP phones or mobiles. A great bonus is that they also receive text messages which are sent straight to your SMS Inbox in your admin panel.

With our full messaging solution not only can you broadcast messages to large groups but accept replies and even answer call backs.

SIM Hosting

We also host dedicated SIM cards - for call out and sending and receiving texts. Simply send us a contract SIM card (or we can provide one) and we do the rest.

Calls from SIM cards are usally much cheaper than using landlines - with around 5000 minutes for just £20 readily available.

We also directly connect your SIM card to our PBX so calls to it are handled by our IVR as above. Any settings applied to a virtual landline number can be applied to your SIM number too. This means that if you have one of our virtual landline numbers which answers your calls and routes calls, the additional SIM can accept and route calls in exactly the same way making everything seamless. Calling out will be made directly from your hosted SIM card.

A total telecommunications platform.

Let's put this all together!

If you intend to use our platform to send SMS to large groups of people you can show a choice of phone number as the "from" number when sending the message. Our platform "spoofs" the receiving phones into showing the "from" number as your number. As far as the receiving phones are concerned they believe it came from this number!

If clients text back, the messages are forwarded to your admin panel inbox and/or forwarded to you as an email.

However, if somebody calls the number the call would normally be dropped (this is what other SMS providers do) - and this means you are missing an opportunity to talk to a potential customer or make a sale.

Our virtual IVR platform will answer the call, read out your recorded message and present the end user with information or further options. They can interact with the IVR using their phones keypad and we can route the call directly to your office to be answered by a member of your staff.

Try the service for free. Call our automated IVR on 07982 027 310

SMS Message and IVR call flowchart.

It's really easy to set up.

Remember, to get started you simply need at least one "SIP phone" - these are available for less than £20. They look like a normal phone, but instead connect to your network via an ethernet cable rather than phone socket. Don't forget you can also install free software such as CSip or Zoiper on your mobile instead. We simply provide you with an IP address, username and password to enter into the phone and you will be registered on the PBX. You are online and we can now instantly route calls to you!

You can register up to 10 phones on our standard package - for example, one each for sales, accounts managers etc and your IVR menu can ask the user who they would like to speak to. Once the selection is made the call is connected to the correct phone and when a connection can't be made programmed to dial someone else or take a message.

If the call cannot be answered it can be configured to call somebody else or take a recorded message instead - or take them back to the IVR menu to listen to further information or make another selection.

Our IVR platform is only available after registration

To get stated you will need to register for the basic free account. You will need to call us on 0 33 33 444 959 to discuss your options and upgrade the account to include exactly what you need.

You will need to either choose a number from the thousands we have available or supply us with a SIM card to host (or we can supply one for you). SIMS can be chosen to simply receive calls or if you choose, make calls. Additionally, you will need at least one SIP enabled phone (which could be a mobile) and use of a broadband connection with at least 1Mb connection speed for reliable calls. If you wish to use a SIP enabled mobile, a WiFi connection for your phone is also required.

Try the service for free. Call our automated IVR on 07982 027 310

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