Text Message Voting.
Operate your own text voting service and generate revenue.
Getting started with your text voting service is easier than you think.
Operate free to the end user or charge 25p - £4.50 per message.

Text Voting - get started today

You can run your own text voting service and generate revenue.

Textvertising offer a fully online service to create and manage text message based voting services.

Text voting is more popular than ever before. With our unique online tools you can easily set up and operate your own text voting service which allows end users to cast votes by text.

Example 1 of a reply.

Thankyou for voting for Amy in the best looking baby competition. Please find out more at http://www.yourwebsite.com

Example 2 of a reply.

Thankyou for your vote for Danny Smith who sang Elton John's Candle In The Wind. Winner announced tonight at 11pm.

Example 3 of a reply.

Thankyou for your vote for David's speech. You can monitor the results live on our big screen.

How does it work.

You create individual "entrants" within your online service. Each entrant must be unique and can have a personalised reply set for it. You can use names, numbers or any other reference you wish as an identifier. (eg David, John etc or 1,2,3 etc).

End users can text a keyword to identify your service followed by the entrant identifier (eg YOURWORD David or YOURWORD 2). Each time a vote is received the system checks that the voting service is within the time period and that the end user has not exceeded their voting limit.

As valid votes are received, these are available to view in real time from with your admin panel and you can quickly see which entrant or identifier is receiving the most votes.

For corporate events, valid votes can also be personalised, calculated and streamed to big screens for a unque experience!

Easy configuration options.

You can easily set parameters for your voting service to personalise the way it works.

The settings allow you to configure start and end times, the maximum number of votes that any end user can make, the cost per vote, the reply message to be sent when a vote is received and much more.

Make it standard rate or charge between 25p & £4.50 per entry.

You have the choice to offer the service to end users at standard rate or at premium rate.

If you would like to charge end users who participate, Textvertising offer rates between 25p and £4.50 and these can be used simultaneously across different competitions to generate revenue from your text competition.

Choice of text number - virtual mobile or 5 digit shortcode.

You can run voting services using one of our included "virtual" mobile numbers or opt instead for a more professional 5 digit shortcode number.

If your service is aiming to generate a revenue, you will have to use a 5 digit shortcode number

Data capture.

The service also captures all mobile numbers of each end user that takes part. These numbers are stored in your account and at any time you can send a message to any or all of your participants in the future.


The regulations for premium rate services from The Phone Paid Services Authority changed significantly from January 2017. The mobile networks have also introduced multiple new independant regulations as to how services can be operated on each of their networks.

Therefore from September 1st 2018 we will no longer be offering premium rate services.

What other competition services do we offer?

We also offer Text message competitions, Text message raffles and Lowest unique bid


Compliance and Advice

Please note: Premium rate providers can only activate premium rate services (where end users are charged for interactions) to users registered with The Phone Paid Services authority, the premium rate regulatory body. There is a strict code of conduct surrounding the operation of premium services that user must adhere too. For most users and those who generate less than £10,000 per annum, registration is free.

For more information, please visit our premium text compliance page for further reading and details about registering yourself or your business as a premium rate operator.

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