SMS Conversation - perfect for call centres.
Great for car dealerships, call centres, sales offices and many more.
We're specialists in 2 way SMS services for call centres and sales offices.
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2 way SMS conversations - the market leader.

Perfect for call centres, sales offices and other places where communication is top priority.

Used by many call centres and sales offices around the UK, our 2 way SMS conversation service is an ideal extension to your normal communication routes.

It offers staff a quick and convenient way to communicate silently and efficiently with your end users who may otherwise be unreachable - such as in a meeting, up a ladder or driving.

Many call centres now are calling mobile devices who do not always have voicemail active or may be switched off or on silent at the time of the call.

Hi Mr Smith, it's Amy in parts at ABC Land Rover. I tried to call you a couple of times to let you know that your parts have arrived for your Evoque. Please pop in to collect when convenient.

Thanks for letting me know, sorry I was in a meeting and phone was off. Is Saturday OK?

Yes Saturday is fine. We are open until 12.30pm. Hope that is ok?

Yes I'll come earlier. I will see you about 11am.

Free up your lines, boost your staff.

Repeatedly ringing back numbers that were not contactable can be a real headache for staff, waste money on calls and tie up phone lines.

The platform allows staff to quickly text a message to one or more end users and all messages sent are stored in a neat list ordered by time sent.

However, if an end user replies, the message is shifted to the top and marked by colour as high priority.

Each message received forms a "conversation" with the end user, so the operator is able to quickly see all conversations ever made with that person.

Your own personal service number.

Due to the nature of the service we will issue you with your own mobile number so as far as the end user is concerned they can reply to text messages received as normal on their mobile - and in most cases it will be free as it would fall within their text plan.

Every message you send from your admin panel will appear to the end user to originate from the mobile number we allocate. They can store this number in their mobile as a contact SMS number for you.

If you wish to provide us with a SIM card with your own choice of Golden Number for example, we are able to host it for you and connect it with the service seamlessly.

IVR solutions.

Textvertising has it's own in house virtual PBX system and offers an IVR solution.

Although the number will not accept incoming calls in its basic form, we can connect the number to our PBX system. If your phone system supports VOIP we can manage calls that may be made to your allocated mobile number and forward them to you rather than drop the call.

Automated recordings are presented to the caller with a variety of options. Calls can routed to you over VOIP rather than call forwarding from the SIM so there is zero cost association on all received calls if you wish.

If IVR also interests you, you can read more about our SMS to IVR solution.

This service is a standalone service that is added to basic account. Please register first then call us to discuss options and add the service.

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