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10 SMS Marketing Benefits
SMS is unbeatable at reaching your customers instantly
We love SMS. It's what we do. And we know why it works.
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SMS Marketing Benefits - our top 10 reasons.

There are many reasons why SMS works. And it does. But we've put together some of the main reasons why your business should be using SMS.

Almost instant delivery

SMS is delivered to handsets by our system in real time. That means in just a few seconds, your message is being read by the recipient.

SMS is fast

Our system can submit SMS to the networks at over 8000 SMS per second. If you need to get in touch with groups of people as fast as possible (for example to let them know that school is closed today), SMS is simply unbeatable.

Text messages are "short and sweet"

Due to the number of character restrictions in a text message (160 in a normal message, 612 in longer multipart messages) text messages are blunt and to the point. Keeping it short means you get your point across efficiently.

You can link to other content easily

Modern smart phones recognise hyperlinks within text messages and you can quickly link your text message to extenal content such as a mobile webpage, video, pdf file or further information such as text or images.

SMS can be retrieved easily

Most modern phones have large memory and most people do not delete messages received. This means your information can be quickly retrieved and read again at any time.

SMS can be shared and forwarded

If your message is particulary useful, people who receive it can easily forward it to their friends and family.

SMS can be replied to

We can spoof the originator of a message to be any number - including your own mobile number or one of our virtual numbers and either can accept replies.

Brand your text message

You are able to create any alpha-numeric originator upto 11 characters - eg. MOT Centre, Mfield Schl, DTWholesale (in fact anything you choose)

A high ROI

SMS has a very high return on investment for every reason above. SMS is still the preferred medium for instant, personal messaging and with Facebook making reaching and personally targetting customers more difficult and costly than ever, more and more are turning to SMS. It was the original messaging medium and still remains the market leader.

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